What’s it all about?


Have you ever thought, “what really goes on at a Yoga retreat?” and “will everyone there be like me or do they drink green juice and practice Yoga all day long?”  – If you have, then you’re just like me! Having enjoyed holidays with my family, with friends and as a couple for many years it certainly wasn’t something I thought of attending until now.   I enjoy the low impact exercise that Yoga offers and the company of like-minded people, all of whom attend our retreats for the same reason, to feel healthy and to give back a little love to themselves


Our Yoga retreats are very much about being kind to yourself and getting away from all the daily stresses and rushing around.  There are so many Yoga and Wellness retreats online to choose from, it’s overwhelming and quite concerning as there doesn’t seem to be a way of working out which ones are good and which ones are great.  My suggestion would be to start with location, somewhere that’s inspiring and if you’re only going for a few days, I’d always go for “easy to get to”. Going for 4 days and having a lengthy transfer from the airport doesn’t bode well for the start of your stress free time.


Food is definitely important, one of our students told me about her experience where she had to leave her retreat venue each evening with her friends in search of tasty meals!  We made the decision to always employ our own private chefs, having a foodie career prior to Ebb&Flow, all our dishes are pre-planned and use the locally sourced ingredients with the help of the venue


What time do you get up in the morning?  Well, that’s up to you. Our retreats are about having “optional” items on the itinerary but if you’re willing, we do start with a warming herbal tea before morning meditation at around 7.15am.  This lasts for 20 minutes, its guided meaning is perfect for beginners. Then after a ten minute comfort break your two hour Yoga practice starts. It sounds a long time to be practicing Yoga but we adjust it accordingly to ensure everyone is coping.  We have complete beginners who are taught separately for a couple of days then join in with the rest of the class. Your well-earned buffet breakfast of kings awaits you, freshly cut fruit, home-made scrambled egg with avocado, mint and lemon, healthy smoothies, home-made granola with coconut yogurt – the works!  You have free-time during the day until 5pm when we practice Yoga once more, often changing it up to involve Yin Yoga for stretching those taught muscles or restorative Yoga to help you sleep well.


Around 7.30pm we all have supper together, we operate an honesty bar but if you wanted to abstain from alcohol there’s plenty of soft drinks as alternatives.  Most people “twin up”, with some single occupancy rooms on offer at each retreat. This often creates a lot of conversation at the time of booking, most people are concerned about sharing a room which is understandable, but on our retreats we haven’t had one person not enjoy their experience (over 70% have re-booked for 2019) and some places have more single occupancy rooms than others.


Travelling on your own?  Yes, that’s another sensible concern, this is the softest way of trialing that with a group of likeminded individuals where 90% of them will be on their own so everyone is in the same boat.  The group connects very quickly, having one thing in common, Yoga. We link you up before you travel and you often share transfers to the retreat so getting to know your future friends starts right from the word go.  We even have people now sharing rooms on the 2019 retreat through friendships they have made on their first retreat.


When we opened the studio just over a year ago we never imagined that we would be looking back at a year where we hosted two Yoga retreats in Europe.  But 2019 looks in great shape, we have 4 retreats to choose from, with a 5th in the planning stage.