Who are we?


Ebb&Flow Yoga is a company born our of an idea between Jill and her daughter Katy.  Jill 48, had a career in corporate events which evolved into hospitality.  She went on to own and manage a boutique hotel and spa which was awarded the UK’s hoteliers top award of “AA Hotel of the Year” in 2013 after her ownership of 10 years.”

She always wanted to work with her children (she has two girls) and this partnership helps her begin to fulfil her dreams. The very busy Yoga studio sees guest teachers and a team of currently 27 instructors to offer variety and a high level of delivery of each class. Within it’s first year it has been noted in Harpers Bazaar, The Times and OK magazine.

Jill and Katy though, would rather be noted for their welcome and genuine ‘spa’ like journey within their studio. Making people feel at ease and helping them love Yoga is their goal.